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Support for you

If this is your first computer - you will want to know what help is available to get everything set up and running and to provide support for your early days.

Your computer comes with a set-up package to help you get started and resources to provide ongoing support and assurance you can depend on.

Below you will find a number of guides to get you up and running in no time. To download them, right click the link and choose Save Target As/Save Link As.

Plugging in & Setting Up

A 'how to plug it in' diagram designed to help guide you through how to connect the computer together properly. This quick and easy visual guide will show you exactly how to connect the various components of your new computer together and guide you through any operating software set-up that may be required.

Getting Started Online

A friendly "Quick Start Guide" – step by step guidance to help get you underway in no time.

This guide will guide you through how to use the applications that are installed on your computer, connecting to the internet and using the internet to find useful information and communicate with others.

Warranty & Support

Your PC or Laptop comes with a 6 months 'return to base' warranty. Options to extend this warranty for a small additional cost will appear as you go through the purchasing process.

You also have access to telephone support:

Lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and calls will be charged at national call rates

Questions Before You Buy:

How long does delivery take?
Despatch usually takes 7-10 working days, as the computers are built to order. Once it has been despatched, it may take up to three days to arrive with you. If you provide a mobile number when ordering, you will be notified before delivery takes place.
Do I have to provide proof of my benefits?
No, we do not need proof of benefits. Microsoft will perform random checks based on your postcode.
Can I purchase on someone else’s behalf?
Yes, you can purchase on their behalf, as long as the computer is being delivered to the eligible individual.
How many can I order?
There are no limits to how many computers you can buy through the Get Online @ Home scheme.
What Make/ Model is the Computer?
We cannot guarantee the Make or Model of the computers- As it just depends on what stock we have at the time of placing the order. It will be a brand that you will recognize, eg: Dell or HP. We can guarantee that the technical specs will be the same, if not higher, than stated.
How big is the screen?
Desktop PC: The monitor that comes with the desktop computer is 17"
Laptop: We cannot guarantee the screen size of the laptop. You will receive a minimum of a 14" screen.
Will the computer come with Anti-Virus?
Your computer will come pre-installed with Windows Defender - Microsoft's anti-virus and anti-spyware porgram. Free periodic updates will ensure your computer is kept safe; however it is your responsibility to ensure appropriate use. Any additional software installed is done so at the liability of the customer.
Is there a guarantee with my purchase?
Yes, you will have a 6 months warranty. Your 6 month warranty period starts from the date that you recieve your computer. Naturally occurring hardware faults are covered by your warranty. With the exception of initial set-up, software issues are NOT covered under your warranty. Any additional software installed is done so at the liability of the customer. Your warranty does not cover accidental damage.
I’ve changed my mind, can I cancel my order?
Yes, please contact us to cancel your order. 03719 100 100.
Can I track my order?
Yes, please call us and we will be happy to help.

Questions Once You've Received Your Device:

Windows is not activated, or is producing the error message “Windows is not genuine"
Click on Start>Computer>System Properties> Scroll down to bottom, there will be blue text that says ‘Activate Windows now’. Click this text and enter the product key we have sent you with your paperwork. The Windows product key is highlighted in green. (If you cannot find your product key on your paperwork, please check your base unit for a brown sticker.) Call us if you need any help.
My product key doesn’t work.
You may be entering the wrong key, or entering your key incorrectly.
Please make sure that:
  • You are using capital letters
  • You are not using the number, or the letter O.
  • You are not entering the dashes
  • You are not confusing letters for numbers, E.G.: Confusing an 8 for a B.
You will need to be connected to the internet to activate Windows properly. If your product key is not working, please contact us for further support.
My ‘@’ symbol does not work, is the computer broken?
No, this is usually caused by the customer wrongly selecting US mode during set-up. It can be easily fixed by changing your settings from US to UK. Please contact us to resolve this.
The computer is faulty, can I return it?
Yes, if you are within your warranty period, and your computer is faulty, a collection is free of charge. Replacements will be sent once the faulty unit is returned. Refunds will be processed once faulty units are returned.
I just don’t like the computer; can I return it for a refund?
Yes. If you don’t like the computer, and there is no physical fault or issue you will be responsible for returning the item, and once back we will process a refund. Your return will need to take place within 28 days of receipt, in order for us to process a refund.
Do I have to set up a password?
During the set-up procedure, you will be asked if you want to create a password. You do not have to create a password; however it will make your computer more secure, as no one else will be able to gain access to it. Please Note: You should make sure your password is memorable, or write your password down and keep it somewhere safe. If you forget your pasword you will not be able to access your computer. We cannot be held responsible, nor provide technical support for forgotten passwords.
How to give us feedback:
Please contact us; 03719 100 100 or