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Encore from Stone Computers

Encore is the brand name for bargain new and refurbished computers from the Stone Group, the UK's largest privately-owned IT hardware manufacturer

Encore is the brand name for refurbished computers from the Stone Group, the UK's largest privately-owned IT hardware manufacturer.

Stone is dedicated to supplying the UK Public Sector, so many of these computers will have been supplied new to Universities, Colleges, Local Authorities, Government Departments or the NHS, or used in those environments before being upgraded.

As the only UK hardware manufacturer with its own recycling department, Stone takes back these computers when supplying replacements and professionally refurbishes them, as a Microsoft Regisitered Refurbisher we are able to fully license our refurbished computers and supply each and every machine (unless no operating system is selected) with a Genuine Certificate of Authenticity.

This refurbishment includes the comprehensive erasure of all existing software programs and data before the units undergo a thorough safety & functionality test and cleaning procedure. Finally, only when they have passed all aesthetic and functionality tests are they re-imaged with a brand new and genuine copy of Microsoft Windows®, affixed with a second Certificate of Authenticity (COA), and repackaged ready for their second life.

There may be the odd scratch or mark that gives the game away, but in all other respects the out of box experience is identical to that of a brand new computer.

For queries about computers purchased from Encore, please contact:

Encore PC
Granite One Hundred
Acton Gate
ST18 9AA
01785 786 783